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Service Catalog
Expoverse Logo


Services for People and Companies of Creative & Performing Arts

Expoverse plays strategic roles valuable to people and businesses before, during & after local, regional, national and international success.

We diversify revenue streams, projects & portfolios; providing a spectrum of innovative opportunities and fulfilling multiple needs.

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Performance assistance and management of important business operations for creative people and brands.

How it Works

Expoverse disseminates information, literature, video, music and images; making them available to the general public (via the Internet) by placing them in podcasts, webpages, products, apps, blogs and others.

Additionally, developers and owners of original Content can provide us with Media to display in connection with an EV Expo or other showcases featured on our website.

Creative Matchmaking

Expoverse also matches raw media "materials" like songs, screenplays, and others with their production counterparts — songwriters, music and film producers, etc. — to produce them into completed works for promotional or commercial use; we also locate suitable talents (actors, artists, etc.) to record or perform them.


Online media publishing, marketing and sales; they go hand in hand.

Expoverse hosts entertainment oriented supermarkets tailored for creative professionals — record labels, publishers and film & TV music supervisors, etc. — to easily lease an authors' materials for placements in other Media such as movie soundtracks, commercials, TV shows, video games and others (Also see our Licensing service).1


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

*The Publishing service is free for all Members and can be managed from your Expoverse Account.

1 service fee included.

Expoverse can empower your media to be legally displayed and performed in public.

How it Works

Expoverse administers Copyrights in songs, literature, photographs, motion pictures, graphic designs and others through a process called "Licensing" — making them available to be used in third-party creative projects.

Authors keep all of the ownership rights to their media (such as artwork, photos, songs, videos, etc.) and are paid royalties based on how much, and in what ways, their media is leased for use by others.


Expoverse also facilitates sync-licensing; a process allowing any mainstream Media outlet or creative professional to legally obtain proper copyright clearance to use the media in a film production, TV show, video game; also for online videos, presentations, photo slide shows or others.

Content made available for this type of licensing is sold via our multimedia supermarkets designed for creative professionals and broadcasters.

Implied Licenses

Implied licenses are unwritten licenses which permit a party to do something that would normally require the express permission of another party.

They arise when a person or company (the "licensee") buys an intellectual work belonging to a licensor (the "rights" owner), or has paid for its creation without obtaining the legal permission to use it, in writing; via an "express license".

Expoverse, via our Licensing FAQ´s and case examples, assists others regarding creative works and contracts; helping them better understand the scope of implied licenses to determine: (1)whether parties should be engaged in a short-term transaction rather than an ongoing relationship, and (2)whether a creator has provided copyrighted materials to be used with or without future involvement or consent, etc.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Expoverse collects withholds a service fee before forwarding the money to the rights owner(s) or their heirs. Please see our "Split & Fees Info."

Registering your work helps to protect your copyright.

Disclaimer: Expoverse is not a law firm. Our legal information is not intended as legal advice; we are not a substitute an attorney licensed to practice law in your country, state, etc.


Copyrights represent the ownership of intellectual property and its licensing rights. They are issued as soon as a work is made into a tangible form; meaning recorded, printed, developed, or written down.

Copyrights do not need to be registered at the Library of Congress in Washington (or its equivalent in another country), but it´s a good idea if there are plans to use it, especially for profit (called exploiting); just in case of any potential legal dispute concerning rights.

How it Works

For convenience, Expoverse allows you to apply — from your Expoverse Account — to register a copyright by answering a few short questions and then attaching a copy of your work; our staff will file the application package for you with the US Copyright Office and then send you the confirmation (via email or fax).1

Copyright Service includes:

1. Electronic filing of your copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office.

2. Delivery confirmation of your package's arrival at the Library of Congress.


Expoverse helps defend you and your rights. If you believe that a website, blog, or other digital entity has published (or "posted") content that you own the rights to, we can help you to issue a notification in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Sometimes, a 'Cease and Desist Letter' becomes necessary to warn infringers about facing possible legal consequences for using copyrighted material or a mark similar to yours.

We provide templates for various important legal documents with instructions allowing you to easily customize and use them. (see the Legal Docs service)2


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

1 service fee included

2 service fee may apply (if not performed DYI)

Disclaimer: Expoverse is not a law firm. Our legal information is not intended as legal advice; we are not a substitute an attorney licensed to practice law in your country, state, etc.


Expoverse offers a selection of important legal documents to start, grow, and manage entertainment careers, businesses and artistic works.

How it Works

We provide a growing repository of free templates of various important entertainment industry related legal documents. Instructions are included along with the documents in order to help easily customize and use them.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

The Legal Templates service is free for all Members. They can be viewed and downloaded directly from your Expoverse Account.

The best bits-and-pieces of your Web presence in one place... interactive and ready to share.


Information, videos, images and articles about youworthy of saving or sharingoften exist but go unnoticed because of their low search engine rankings or navigation, sharing or accessibility issues.

By combining our Expolist and EV Media Cloud service, we will analyze & organize your best and most popular content — linking to it and (whenever possible) embedding it locally — into an interactive public attraction featured at your EV Expo.

An Expolist can be shared either by direct by URL links or embedded into other Web locations via an iFrame using a provided snippet of HTML code. (Also see the EV-PLUGS service)


Expoverse's human and software resources are deployed to either closely or loosely monitor web links, search term activity, comments in social networks, and mentions around the Web; helping you better strategize your Online business focus.1


An important feature of Expolists are their ability to be dynamically organized — allowing end-users to group and toggle the featured items and categories as desired — resulting in a sophisticated, easy to use interactive experience.

Additionally, smart layers (or "lightboxes") are used to open and display the lists featured dynamic links to multimedia; this allows users to navigate as much content as possible without re-directing their browser, opening new windows, or leaving the current page.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

The Expolist service is free for all Members. It can be accessed directly from your EV Expo or Expoverse Account.

1 subscription fees apply for "Tracker" and "Sentinel" administrative upgrade features.

Expoverse offers the following types of Expolist in-services & upgrades:

Shield included

Smaller in scale; requiring only basic Expoverse human & software resources for setup and maintenance operations. Mostly automated methods of 'locating' and 'archiving' content are used. Visual limits to the prefabricated design structure.

Tracker upgrade

Medium in scale; a bit more challenging for us to setup. Manual search and content archiving operations are performed by Expoverse "Trackers" (contracted staff) instead of the software based automated search-and-find structure.

Specifically, EV Trackers identify beneficial Web content by doing complex searches for words and phrases associated with a clients name, projects or products; using multiple search engines to discover and follow fragments of "significant" comments and other posts made by individuals, sites, blogs, and others.

EV Trackers notify clients/members of newly tracked files and content (via email, IM, or SMS), providing them with links to quickly and easily review the findings and choose whether to include or exclude them from their publicly displayed Expolist.

Sentinel upgrade

Large in scale with a more demanding setup process; requires various types and intensity levels of (frequent/semi-frequent) ongoing maintenance operations to be performed by Expoverse staff.

"Sentinels" are individuals contracted by Expoverse that operate like virtual soldiers; stationed Online to stand guard and help prevent defamatory attacks. Unlike EV Trackers, their mandate is to "engage negative or threatening media" possibly damaging to a product, career, image or reputation.

Sentinels directly challenge subjective threats by offering (factual) alternative information, media, and other forms of defensive intervention; responding to social media comments, forum posts, blogs, articles, reviews, videos and others.


Helping make good choices now and providing important knowledge for future decisions.

Career opportunities for independent talents and creative artists keeps getting better.


Expoverse develops and maintains an Online DIY ("Do-It-Yourself") consultory for careers in entertainment; helping people help themselves. Learn more about — and also how to perform — important entertainment business operations like:

1. management,

2. public relations,

3. marketing,

4. legal; deal-making and others.

How it Works

Expoverse aims to assist a wide variety of talents that seek to increase success within their specific area of the entertainment industry (modeling, acting, music, art, etc.); helping them protect and increase the value of their names, brands, copyrights and other business interests & assets.

Expoverse conducts "virtual" Online workshops, creative & business match-maker tradeshows, and also provides useful information and advice from both experienced professionals & trial-and-error insiders alike (via newsletters, blogs, FAQ's, etc.).

We assist talents and their teams with media development, branding, imaging, artwork, bios, press info, photos and videos, logos, packaging, fan/audience connection & retention strategy, discovering revenue streams, and others.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Free service included with every Expoverse Membership. The DYI consultory may be accessed from your Expoverse Account.

Disclaimer: Expoverse is not a law firm. Our legal information is not intended as legal advice; we are not a substitute an attorney licensed to practice law in your country, state, etc.


For your protection, and ours, we do not provide any type of individual legal consulting. Expoverse is not able to analyze any of your material or particular activities to guarantee that they are legal (and we don't want to give the impression that we can).

We advise that you to hire an entertainment lawyer for specific legal advice or counsel. Expoverse may however, be able to provide you with such a contact via an Online directory.

How it Works

What we can do — along with providing Online materials to facilitate — is help to determine and present issues as lawyers in the entertainment industry think about them; answering basic questions, generally through FAQ's.

Legal Documents

Expoverse also offers access to a variety of important entertainment industry legal documents. Templates for contracts, licenses, model releases, collaboration rights division, and others; can be downloaded and easily customized for use.1


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Free service included with every Expoverse Membership.

1 fee may apply for some premium documents; service fee may apply if the customization is not performed DIY.


Expoverse allows entertainment industry professionals and known talents that make (or have made) a living in the entertainment business to extend their experience, advice, insight & opinions to desiring individuals or companies for a fee.

How it Works

Expoverse implements a convenient system for leasing a professionals time to conduct "virtual" consultations; by providing either (live or recorded) video responses to a clients question relating to the consultants craft or the clients work/project.


Featured consultants change periodically; they range from artists and producers with platinum album credits, founders of major companies, deans and professors of schools, longtime agents/ managers/ promoters/ program directors/ publicists and others.

Expoverse solicits the consultants as a method of quality control and to guarantee covering a wide range of entertainment industry fields (such as art, music, fashion, film, dance and others).

Talent Searches

Featured consultants can also collaborate with Expoverse to conduct their own sponsored contests and promotions (via our website and social networks); offering aspiring artists and performers an opportunity to work with them and/or their companies.

Communications can be exchanged directly between the parties or by using Expoverse as a liaison (via our executives, admins, handlers, etc.).


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing varies; determined by the (individually priced) hourly rate for one-on-one consultation charged by featured consultants.

Managing a business or career in a constantly evolving entertainment industry is not an easy task; but with Expoverse you are not alone to confront the challenge.


Expoverse picks qualified and dedicated individuals to become certified EV "Client Handlers"; agent-of-sorts that scout and recruit our EV-CPAN (Creative & Performing Arts Network) members.

Their job is locate, contact, and assist the individuals and companies around the world that Expoverse works with or desires to work with.

Facilitated Contact

EV Handlers maintain regular contact with their assigned client/customer and coordinate activities with them relating to Expoverse; helping them take advantage of opportunities that become available through Expoverse and its partners and affiliates.

They are dedicated to working with others, ensuring that the efforts required to manage business affairs on Expoverse.com are minimal. EV Handlers help to secure the quick delivery of features and resources when you need it; facilitating Expoverse's professional services exceptionally.

Update Support

EV Handlers are informed the instant "new" tools, upgrades, services and website features become available on Expoverse.com.

Get help staying up to date with the latest from Expoverse; EV Handlers communicate with you regularly to guarantee you have the best experience and results that Expoverse has to offer and deliver.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

The EV Handler service is free for all Members and can be managed from your Expoverse Account.

Expoverse is committed to the growth and development of our "Creative & Performing Arts Network" (or CPAN) members. We want you — and will help you — to succeed, grow and stabilize.


Unlike many companies with websites offering (digital delivery) distribution and entertainment related services, Expoverse additionally is (1)an independent A&R company, and (2)not limited to music, video or any other artistic medium in particular; this versatility enhances our uniqueness.

We also utilize a selective process when affiliating members and business partners, which results in a high quality network that has actual contact — and often personal relationships with — the Expoverse staff and client handlers.

The Procedure

EV CPAN membership begins with a review. Reviews are more like in-depth consultations that evaluate you and your business, providing Expoverse with practical and personalized information for deciding if and how to help you (1)save time and reduce operating costs to boost your profits, (2)integrate your web presence for maximum visibility and sales, and(3) improve your standings and Online reputation in order to earn maximum rewards for your work and skill.

The process also addresses any inquiries you may have, helping you to determine exactly how you and your business can benefit from us and which Expoverse services, tools, and resources can be deployed to efficiently and effectively pursue your objectives and expectations.

The Reviewers

CPAN Reviews are conducted by Expoverse's A&R ("Artist & Repertoire") reps; individuals who are in charge of finding and recruiting the talents featured on Expoverse.com.

We hand pick them based on their "eyes & ears" and also their attitude as well. They're hard-core entertainment lovers who are always looking for new and unique prospects.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

2 the CPAN membership's (one-time-only) registration fee applies only after a Review has been completed and accepted by our A&R staff.

Expoverse offers 3 types of CPAN (Membership) Review Submissions:

Unsolicited Submissions

Expoverse A&R reps are extremely busy, and generally they review only material that comes from an EV Handler, a publisher, an entertainment attorney or other trusted resource.

You may, however, provide some basic information to us and increase your visibility and odds of Expoverse finding and recruiting you.


Expoverse does not guarantee a response to unsolicited submissions, or that they will be viewed.

Premium Pitch

Quickly bring your self, work, website or other to the attention of Expoverse A&R staff by providing instant access to exact Web locations containing information and media relative to you and your work.

Your submission becomes "solicited" because it will come to our A&R from a trusted source — our Client Handlers — who will deliver it on your behalf (as a pitch) to the proper individuals at Expoverse.

You may additionally be requested to sign a “submission release” prior to having any part of your pitch reviewed. If you decline, your money will be refunded 100% without delay and your materials returned to you free of charge.

*We guarantee a written or video response from Expoverse A&R staff within 30 days of a premium submission; regardless if CPAN membership is issued or not.

Virtual Audition

Virtual auditions offers the same features as a Premium submission; coupled together with the impact and convieinience of engaging in "Live" communication.

As part of the review, Expoverse A&R reps will schedule — either by email or phone — a conveniently timed video/telephone call or other method of real-time communication; facilitating a more personal environment for getting to know you better, learn more about your work, and respond to any inquiries you may have.


We guarantee "live" video or telephone conversation (or other real-time communication if the previous mentioned are not available) with an Expoverse A&R rep within 30 days of any Virtual Audition submission.


Moving goods and services between providers & consumers; our services facilitating that exchange.


Digital distribution for creative & performing arts talents offers them a path into the mainstream entertainment industry and many traditional sales channels, such as iTunes, Amazon and others.

Expoverse also provides digital distribution; offering the sale of products to consumers worldwide via the Expoverse Store, EV-MALL Shops amd also strategically placed Kiosks. We additionally distribute content for licensing and syn-licensing via our multimedia supermarkets for creative professionals; facilitating uses in third party projects.


Expoverse maintains relationships with various digital retailers and may additionally make arrangements to place your content and products in third party operated Online stores and subscription services (such as Online radio and other on-demand entertainment services).

Helping You Sell

Usually, nothing magic happens after an artistic work has been produced and is uploaded to the Web and made available for sale. Marketing and promotion is a whole different component; it is the key to making money with artistic works and skill.

Expoverse not only empowers you to sell, we also offer services to help you get the word out and gain visibility & credibility (see our Marketing and Promotion services for more info).


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is determined by Expoverse's general product pricing and service fees; or by each item individually, as a Providers´ requirements and needs vary.

The Internet is growing rapidly and constantly revolutionizing many industries globally, and Online shopping popularity is diversifying and spreading non-stop as a result.


Expoverse facilitates both the buying and selling of various goods and services originating from creative & talented producers, performers, creative artists and merchants around the world.

Products and original artistic works can be conveniently purchased from the comfort of home computers, televisions, tablets, mobile phones and other Web enabled devices from the Expoverse Store.

Multi-vendor Inventory

The Expoverse Store carries a wide variety of items like music, books, clothing, electronics, apps, movies, games, software and merchandise; featuring various brands from multiple vendors called "Providers".

The Expoverse Store also provides a single, integrated experience when shopping and purchasing items from Expoverse owned or operated shops, apps and multimedia supermarkets. (See our EV-MALL Shops service.)

Social Login

Buying items from the Expoverse Store is super-fast and easy.

Customers can quickly purchase items by identifying themselves using popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo and others. This further facilitates our simple "one-page" checkout process; aimed at effectively reducing the time and effort required to buy and sell Online.

Strategic Marketing

Expoverse also markets products in the Expoverse Store by strategically linking, embedding and advertising them in our featured presentations, showcases, videos, articles and other content. (See our EV-Mall Shops service, ExpoAds service, and EV-Kiosk services).


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing for the products sold are determined by each item individually according to the requirements of Expoverse and/or the Provider.

The demand for original, independently produced content for films, TV shows, games, Web videos and others has exploded; with no signs of slowing down.

How it Works

Expoverse taps into this opportunity by developing catalogs of the best media from our creative staff & CPAN members; offering them via our business oriented multimedia supermarkets for creative professionals (such as publishers, producers, record labels, agencies, supervisors of film and television, etc.).

This enables them to quickly find — and to legally use — the highest quality content we've hand selected to offer for use in their projects via transfers of publishing rights, ownership rights, or sync-licensing. (See our "Licensing" services)

Target Markets

Expoverse's multimedia supermarkets for professionals are customized to target specific niches of the entertainment industry; each finding their own unique corner of the market. The products they feature may also be made available through our central distribution outlet, the Expoverse Store. (See our Online Store service).


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is determined by the host supermarkets common pricing rates; or by each item individually, as license requirements and the needs of a purchaser may vary.


EV-MALL Shops are free-standing storefronts that help you maximize the benefits of the Expoverse Store and our multimedia supermarkets; delivering a strong brand impact with a long lasting, positive impression on customers.

Product Placement

Expoverse organizes and showcases your products by displaying them at EV Expos, EV-Pavilions and EV-Kiosks; where information, technical documentation, demos and other important or useful items are made available for browsing and download.

Hidden Products

Extend special offers to exclusive customer groups; make them available via a special link to "hidden", "available" products. Hidden products and categories are not searchable or visible without using the dedicated link.

Hidden products and categories can also be made searchable and offered from inside the Expoverse Store at any time.

Affiliate Marketing

Expoverse can help you advertise your EV-MALL Shop and your products; promoting them through a network of our Affiliate Partners who get payed commissions for the sales they promote; making your Online sales more competitive.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is determined by Expoverse's common product pricing and service fees; or by each item individually, as a Providers requirements and needs vary.

Expoverse gift cards may be used immediately inside the Expoverse Store to purchase a wide variety of items.

How it Works

Expoverse allows a person to purchase — and another person to receive and redeem — pre-paid gift cards that can be used to buy products and services from the Expoverse Store, EV Shops and our professional marketplaces.

Items that gift cards "cannot" purchase include: (1) another gift card, (2) an Expoverse Membership, (3) a product that would include a free Expoverse Membership, or (4) any offer that excludes purchase by gift card (such as ongoing subscription based services).


Expoverse gift cards do not expire and may be given to any recipient; however to redeem the credited value the recipient must create a "free" customer account with the Expoverse Store — by registering or logging in using a social network — and agree to any policies and agreements related to the product or service that is purchased.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing for gift cards is determined by Expoverse's currently available gift card credit values.

How it Works

Expoverse utilizes the process called "disc-on-demand" and burns a CD-R, DVD-R or BLU-RAY disc whenever a physical copy of software or media is ordered from the Expoverse Store or our multimedia supermarkets.

Expoverse prepares, tests, packages and then ships the disc/s to the customer or client.


Expoverse maintains contact with wholesalers that sell and ship CDs, DVDs & BLU-RAYs to retail outlets and Online stores, and we may arrange for them to additionally carry a disc.


Pricing is determined by Expoverse's common product pricing and service fees; also by each disc individually as audio/music, literature, video and software items production requirements vary.

The Expoverse Affiliate-Partner Program allows you to earn commissions from the products and services sold on our web site.

How it Works

Both Expoverse users and members can participate in the EV Affiliate-Partner Program and receive a commission for promoting and recommending our featured products at third-party resources like websites, e-zines, newsletters, forums, or other.


To join the program, you must register at the Expoverse Store as Affiliate-Partner. Each registered participant gains access to a personal password-protected area where they can generate affiliate links & banners and also review different statistics concerning performance.

Multi-tier Scheme

Depending on the plan subscribed to, a registered EV Affiliate Partner may be allowed to register other Affiliate Partners and get a percentage of what they earn as well.

The exact commission rate and the number of rewarded partner levels are defined by Expoverse and displayed during the registration process.

Commission & Payments

Expoverse currently makes payments of earned commissions to its Affiliate Partners via Paypal only.

No credits to accounts, cheques, or cash will be distributed. Payments are made once a month between the 10th-15th, and issued once you have accumulated the minimum amount.

To check your commission stats in real-time, log in to the Affiliate Partner area and go to the Banners statistics section (Management menu -> Referred sales). This will open the search form.

Statistics & Reporting

Expoverse's Affiliate Partner Interface is a special password-protected area used to access different resources including banners with link codes, sales statistics, payment details, and others.

The items in the menu are used to access the following components:

Banners statistics: The statistics on using your affiliate banners.

Referred sales: The statistics on sales referred by your affiliates and you.

Summary statistics: The general statistics on your sales and commissions for the whole period of your taking part in the program.

Payment history: The log that contains the history of your commission payments.

Banner: The section for generating banner codes and creating your own affiliate banners.

Affiliate tree: The statistics on the commission earned by your affiliates and you.

Profile menu: Enables you to edit your partner profile.

Summary Statistics

Summary statistics provide a general overview of your activity as a participant of the Affiliate Partner program. To display summary statistics, log in to the Affiliate Partner area and go to the Summary statistics section (Management menu -> Summary statistics).

Understanding Summary Statistics:

Total sales: The number of sales referred by your Affiliates and you.

Total pending sales: The number of sales referred by your Affiliates and you that have not been approved yet.

Total approved sales: The number of sales referred by your Affiliates and you that that have been approved.

Total sales (my commissions): The number of sales referred by you.

Total pending sales (my commissions): The number of sales referred by you that have not been approved yet.

Total approved sales (my commissions): The number of sales referred by you that that have been approved.

Total paid sales (my commission): The number of sales referred by you for which the commission has been paid out.

Pending sale commissions: The commission amount for the orders that have not been approved yet. This commission cannot be paid before the respective orders are approved.

Approved sale commissions: The commission amount for the orders that have been approved. This commission can be paid if the amount is equal to, or exceeds, the minimum commission payment for your Affiliate plan.

Paid sales commissions: The amount of commission that has been paid out to you.

Maximize Returns

You can increase your chances of earning credit by having the provided banners/links on as many pages as you can (of your own or of your associates'). Post your banners/links all over the Internet to earn commissions from whomever uses them to purchase items from Expoverse.

You can even get creative and include banners/links in E-mails; inviting people from your address book to visit our website (or store) and get commissions on whoever buys something.

Getting Started

1. To get registered with the affiliate program: Go to the Affiliate Partner area of the Expoverse Store.

2. Click the 'Register' button. This will open the registration form.

3. Complete the form and click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form. You will need to wait until the we approve your application (which normally takes 1-2 days).

2. Once accepted and the account is activated (by our staff), you will receive an email message notification with your account details; then you can login and go to the Banners management section (Management menu -> Banners). You will see a list of available banners, both generic and specific.

3. Click on the name of the banner for which you want to generate the code. This will open the page with the codes for the different types of banners: IFrame, JavaScript, SSI and HTML.

4. Copy the required code and include it into your web resource.

5. Get lots of people to click on the banner/link. It is that simple.

Types of Banners

To check your banner stats in real-time, log in to the Affiliate Partner area and go to the Banners statistics section (Management menu -> Banners statistics). This will open the search form.

Generic- Banners that aim at promoting the Expoverse Store as a whole; available types of generic banners are text banners, graphic banners and media-rich banners.

Text: A text banner is a simple text link that can contain only plain text with no formatting or graphics.

Graphic: An image banner linked to the Expoverse Store home page. The image may also be accompanied by a plain text description.

Media Rich: A banner that can include different combinations of formatted text, graphics of various formats; including Adobe Flash objects. Due to higher customization capability, media-rich banners tend to have higher views-to-click conversion rate.

Specific- Banners that aim at promoting certain products or groups of products; leading potential buyers directly to specific pages of the Expoverse store. The available types of specific banners are product banners, category banners and manufacturer banners.

Product: A banner that leads directly to a product.

Category: A banner that leads directly to a category page.

Manufacturer: A banner that leads directly to a manufacturer page.

2 subscription fees apply for the automated administration upgrade feature.

Expoverse offers 3 types of Affiliate-Partner commissions:

1 Product-based.

Affiliate Partner receives the commission if a referred customer buys a particular product, which is specified in the plan. The commission rate is set up separately for every product in the list, if any.

2 Category-based.

Affiliate Partner receives the commission if a referred customer buys a product from a particular category, which is specified in the plan. The commission rate is set up separately for every category in the list, if any.

3 Basic commission rate.

Affiliate Partner receives the commission if a referred customer buys any product in the store, regardless whether it is listed in the plan or it belongs to a certain category.


Commissions are not summed up, only one type of commission goes to an Affiliate Partner's account. For example, if a product-based commission is earned, category-based and basic commissions are no longer calculated.


Making and transforming things using multimedia materials from and/or for brands and creative & performing artists.

Expoverse operates as a full service digital foundry — performing multiple roles that produce independent and brand supported original content


Expoverse translates creative ideas and assets (images, text and interactive apps) into an array of digital media such as: websites, microsites, banner ads, rich media applications, HTML emails, mobile and social media applications and other digital initiatives — and also for the Web, film, TV, radio and other media channels.


World-class digital photo enhancement and correction; in a short amount of time, and at great prices. Submit photos directly from your Expoverse account (or by e-mail) along with simple instructions on what needs fixing and Expoverse does the rest.

Video and Motion Picture

Expoverse works exceptionally with digital video production; taking ideas from concept to delivery including (1)budgeting, (2)scheduling, (3)scripting, (4)supply of talent and resources, (5)staff organization, and (6)the production itself and post-production.

Expoverse Entertainment Group — via EVG Productions and EVG Pictures — works with both independent financiers and studios. We have projects of various budget sizes and genres including independent shorts, documentaries, films, scripted and reality television shows, and with a focus on making modest, low budget productions.

Web & Graphic Design

Web designers and developers at Expoverse produce professional, clean, modern designs. Visuals and navigation should represent the "future" of the Web; that is our particular specialty.

Our unique passion for blending art and design can help you by transforming a vision into e-flyers, mailouts, iphone/android apps, advertisement banners and much more.

For example, may take a storyboard design and code it so it runs seamlessly in multiple ad formats and sizes, and across browsers, or as a Flash movie. They may create or update templates to reflect new corporate identities, logos or color schemes..

Music/Audio Engineering

Send Expoverse your original song in MP3 or WAV format — even a simple voice or instrumental demo is ok — together with some basic sound instructions, and we'll take care of the rest; returning a fully produced, air-quality music production using the highest quality, pro-level synth & sample software sounds, engineers, and world class musicians.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is dependent on the size and scope of each project individually (as their requirements and needs may vary); also the availability of our creative staff. Please see the 'Project Central' area of your Expoverse Account.

Options for product development with distribution & licensing that open doors to new revenue streams and commercial opportunities.


Expoverse collaborates with EV CPAN members (performing talents & creative artists) to bring new content to life. Utilizing both our internal resources and external partnerships, we create avenues for developing exceptional new entertainment products and experiences; via films, scripted and reality television shows, touring and live performances, Internet and radio projects, apps for mobile phones & tablets, and also various others.

We work with practically any type of marketable talent or artistic and performing skill. Our
then match 
 professionals — cultivating
 relationships and moving projects
 products; sold and distributed by us, our partners and our affiliates.

Expoverse focuses heavily on brand value and overall quality; much more than the quantity or frequency of releases. The creative and personal elements contributing to Expoverse entertainment products are hand selected — in observance of, and in accordance with — the extremely high standards that we set for ourselves; we desire the public and consumers to recognize and expect consistent quality from us.

How it Works

Expoverse packages multimedia and sells entertainment in the form of professionally produced songs/albums, stock images, films, apps, books and others; made by mixing up media and creating cool mashes, remixes and compilations that result in unique and interesting products for consumers.

We perform multiple creative development tasks like media arrangement, placement of voice or instrumental tracks, and other supporting post production work and professional mixing or editing.

Whenever your media is sold directly via the Expoverse Online Store, or whenever Expoverse makes money from a media placement via an EV multimedia supermarket for creative pros & broadcasters — either by itself as a whole, or in part, together with other works in a collaboration — you will be properly communicated with and payed.

Splits & Fees

The "Split" of profits and royalty payment amounts, are agreed upon for each commercial production individually, by contract, or the amount determined by an Expoverse blanket license agreement (if applicable).

Production Policy

Your work will never be used in any commercial manner without your expressed prior permission; and appropriate compensation.

If any of your artistic works or projects are chosen for a commercial inclusion, you will be notified immediately with an "official offer" for a license to legally use it; detailing and expressing all applicable permissions and limitations in writing.

Legal Policy

You can always accept, reject, or negotiate a different terms and conditions — including payment amounts or percentages — provided that Expoverse may accept, reject or modify any such request in its sole discretion.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is dependent on the size and scope of each project individually as their requirements and needs often vary. Please see the 'Project Quote' inquiry area located in your Expoverse Account.

*Royalty payments are determined by the size and scope of each Provider Member's contribution to each project individually, or by a per-determined "Revenue Split" agreement (such as ExpoSMart). Please see the 'Expomart Program' info area located in your Expoverse Account.


Expoverse Entertainment Group — via ExpoMerch — offers 1000's of types of business gifts and promotional items, merchandise, and products; produced & delivered fast, and at very competitive, low costs.

Printed mugs, branded USB Cards and personalized keychains to printed USB memory sticks, buttons and other promotional gifts are commonly used for marketing & communication; either sold as products or given away to promote something (like a company, person, brand, product, event or other).

How it Works

Expoverse developed merchandise using you or your companies media (photos, logos, slogans, etc.). You send-or give Expoverse access to-your promotional media, choose your merchandise and the amount.

We will produce the merchandise and then ship it to the address of your choice; worldwide (shipping costs not included). You also have an option to store it at Expoverse's storage facility, allowing us to sell and distribute it to customers via our Online store on your behalf.1 (Also see our Marketing and Promotion services)

Common Usage

Some of the best and most common uses for promotional merchandise include: employee relations, events, tradeshow traffic-building, public/fan relations, crowdfunding campaign gifts, new customer generation, dealer and distributor programs, new product introductions, employee service awards, non-profit programs, internal incentive programs, education, customer referrals, marketing, and others.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Pricing is determined by the item and quantity purchased; sold as packages or by each item individually.

1 Service fee applies; amount is determined by the Expoverse Store Third-Party Merchandise Consignment Blanket Agreement.


Selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, publicity and other related services.

Expoverse offers an economic platform for both individuals and companies to promote talent, artistic skill, brands, products, services and more, including:

  • Sponsorship Packages
  • Banners and Text Ads
  • DHTML and Rich Media Ads
  • Cross-Media Campaigns


Expoverse offers affordable, highly visible & stylish virtual billboards, text ads, Online video pre-rolls, and rich media advertising space for promotional and branding purposes; placed strategically throughout our website, apps, and other Web-based locations.

Exposure via expoverse.com is offered at extremely lower prices than standard industry rates, and our ad delivery system is one of the most efficient, intelligent, and practical advertising media platforms on the Web.

Each advertiser is registered in our system (to facilitate future orders); then ads are placed as a campaign within our term, frequency and weight based banner rotating system that smoothly transitions ads in-and-out of view every 20-30 seconds, creating a sense of urgency for viewers to acknowledge and click on them.

How it Works

Our Adobe Flash empowered multimedia platform (with HTML swap fallback for Apple products) delivers stunningly crisp video, sound and photos throughout our (Online) universal entertainment, global trade-fair expo.

An estimated 90% of the all expoverse.com Web locations — with the exclusion of specially "branded" or "sponsored" showcases, EV Expos or editorials — contain multiple instances of ExpoAd display areas.

The ad displayers themselves are integrated with Expoverse promotions, Online games, and competitions, which increases their visibility, user interaction, and branding power.

Feature Branding

A Feature Branding consists of a complete "black-out" of all banner ad positions (excluding sponsor areas) within select Expoverse multi-media editorial features. These select placements create a strong association between your brand and our high quality editorial content.

Brandings may include a variety of ad placements throughout the feature. Additional Rich Media Content may also be applied (such as interstitials, expanding banners, video, etc.).

Rich Media Ads

Expoverse's rich media campaigns place ads that interact when users click or roll over them, with virtually endless possibilities for interactive content deployment. Rich media ads require much more complex technologies.

They are highly visible ads that offer dynamic special effects including:

  • Fading
  • Sliding
  • Exploding (unfolding)
  • Jumping
  • Caterpillar
  • Rolling
  • Sticky Notes/Popups with Effects
  • DHTML Popups
  • + Many Others

Cross-media Campaigns

The Internet introduced new channels for marketing and created new consumer behaviors. To be most effective you need to reach your customers via print, web, e-mail, and also creative non-traditional methods.

Expoverse ties them all together in our CMP's (Cross-media Packages); having a more profound impact and long lasting impression.

Expoverse offers limited opportunities to conduct CMP's annually; their available is generally on a "first come, first served" basis. Sign-up for the our EVIN (the Expoverse Intel Network) list to receive email notification of upcoming CMP's. Act fast so you don't miss out on a great opportunity.

Spotlight System

Expoverse offers a versatile advertisement platform; implementing a powerful banner rotation & display hierarchy; we call it the "spotlight" system.

Our spotlight system determines the frequency that banner advertisements are included as part of banner groups queued for rotational display on Expoverse's virtual billboards.

A spotlight weight of "1", for example, will display place a banner into the queue every time any Expoverse page is displayed. A level of "2" will queue the ad every second time a page is visited. So basically, the lower the number, the stronger your campaign will shine.

Campaign Statistics

View your final impression and click-through numbers at the end of your campaign; statistics that will help you determine its overall effectiveness, helping you or your marketing team strategize.


Expoverse solicits Sponsorships called "Sponsorship Agreements" as a way to raise revenue. Funds collected by our advertising clients and sponsors are used for the support of our websites and the growth of our activities with the ultimate goal of bettering our products, services, and the independent entertainment industry.

Get involved by supporting one or more of Expoverse's numerous events, games, websites, featured expos or showcases, and other Expoverse operations; either financially or through the provision of products or services.

Typically done for promotional purposes, to generate publicity, or to obtain access to a wider audience, arrangements to exchange advertising for supporting an event can be made with us; allowing you to leverage the credibility and influence of Expoverse — also the exceptional quality and impact of our multimedia presentations — to increase your brand awareness and market to potential customers and business partners around the globe, benefiting you or your company's brand or image as a result of the sponsorship.

Please read the following information:

1- Sponsor’s acknowledgments are in the form of logos and/or names linked to either the sponsors website or the Sponsors page.

2- Our official Sponsors page will display the logos and company descriptions of all currently "active" Sponsors.

3- Expoverse reserves the right to display more than one sponsor acknowledgment on any page of the Expoverse.com website.

4- The type of sponsorship, and order in which Sponsor Agreements are executed will determine the vertical placement of Sponsor acknowledgments.

Sponsor ads are delivered with significant priority through our banner ad rotation system having Spotlight level of "2". All Sponsor ads must adhere to the same guidelines as our general advertising program and ad specs.

Please sign up for our EVIN (the Expoverse Intel Network) list to receive early notification of new 'Sponsorship Packages' and 'Branding' opportunities by email.

Quick Specs

Image Ads are currently available in the following formats and dimensions:

Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Banner (468 x 60)
Half banner (234 x 60)
Button (125 x 125)
Skyscraper (120 x 600)
Wide skyscraper (160 x 600)
Small rectangle (180 x 150)
Vertical banner (120 x 240)
Small square (200 x 200)
Square (250 x 250)
Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
Large rectangle (336 x 280)
Half page (300 x 600)

Text Ads are currently available in the following formats and dimensions:

Headliner Ad (728 X 90)
Banner Ad (468 X 60)
Short Banner Ad (234 X 60)
Tall Column (120 X 600)
Vertical Banner Ad (120 X 240)
Tall Wide Column (160 X 600)
Wide Vertical Banner Ad (160 X 240)
Small Box Ad (180 X 90)
Rectangle Ad (180 X 125)
Square Ad (250 X 250)
Medium Rectangle Ad (300 X 250)
Large Rectangle Ad (336 X 280)
Horizontal Link Ad 1 (728 X 15)
Horizontal Link Ad 2 (468 X 15)
Vertical Link Ad (225 X 200).

*They are also keyword sensitive and display on pages of relevant content.

Visit the 'EV Ads' service site for more info about the above ads and their exact positioning and usage on our website


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

GENERAL ADVERTISING: Pricing is dependent on:

1- the type of ad being purchased,

2- a pre-determined maximum number of clicks/impressions, or

3- a fixed date range.

RICH-MEDIA (DHTML): Pricing is dependent on the placement, size and scope of each campaign individually; and as testing requirements to ensure the ad behaviors function properly and that the interactions can be measured may vary.

CROSS-MEDIA CAMPAIGNS/ SPONSORSHIPS: Pricing is dependent on the size and scope of each package being offered by Expoverse individually; as their requirements, benefits, and requirements may vary.

Visit the 'EV Ads' service site — our global portal for the placement of all general and sponsor based advertisements — for more info, pricing, orders and inquiries

Impressions matter, especially first ones and long term ones. Success starts with identity; Expoverse works to achieve the overall image that you aim to project.


Expoverse helps EV-CPAN members successfully talk to (and with) their audiences. Our public relations efforts aim to help avoid and defend against negative perceptions and contradictory or confusing information and media that may — or already has had — a negative impact on the person or company.

Our PR staff and advertising department work similarly, sharing the same principal goals; to protect, enhance and build good reputations through media — managing what pops up when someone Googles you or your company name is extremely important.

We help individuals and companies be successful by delivering the general public info and media that is honest, important, exciting, relevant, and designed to be as beneficial as possible to the person or company's image.

How it Works

Expoverse PR staff transmits positive messages in connection with individuals, artistic works, companies, products and others.

We translate those messages into positive editorial coverage, which Expoverse also extends a free blanket license for third-party entities to legally publish & display them via minor and major media outlets (websites, newspapers, magazines, Web-TV programs, social networks, personal websites, blogs, and other Web locations).

In addition to the above, Expoverse — via EVG Productions — produces video and audio news releases (called VNRs and ANRs), for distribution to strategic TV and Radio outlets in hopes they will be used as program content.

Public Awareness

The methods to create wide public awareness differ drastically, but appearances and mentionings in audio/video programming, blogs, websites and articles of respectable sources (like Expoverse) — have the advantage of third-party validation; viewed more favorably by people because they understand advertising should be viewed with skepticism.

Expoverse enables you to enhance your public standing and reputation in various ways via "real" and "virtual" publicity events, speaking opportunities, press releases, newsletters, blogs, social media activity, press kits and outbound communications to members of the press.


Very few stories make it to major publications or prime-time television programs, but an evolving media atmosphere that includes blogs, websites, audio/video media, magazines, mobile apps and others; all help to widen, increase and maintain; audience and fan visibility.

In the long term, Expoverse PR is an investment in visibility that results in increased recognition and reputation.

Reputation Protection

Expoverse's PR staff can help monitor comments and posting activity within social networks, blogs, forums, and other Online locations.

With the help of an "EV-Tracker"1 to help search — and our PR staff to analyze and interpret — we discover valuable underlying social climates and messages; helping you strategize, develop, and protect a desirable Online presence.

When the news is bad, Expoverse "Sentinels"2 formulate appropriate, positive, effective responses to help you mitigate the damage. They are individuals contracted by Expoverse to track and "engage" negative or threatening media, also to directly challenge subjective threats by offering (factual) alternative information, media and other forms of casual defensive intervention.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

1 subscription fees apply for "Tracker" administrative upgrade features. (See EV-CPAN Review service --> Options --> Tracker).

2 subscription fees apply for "Sentinel" administrative upgrade features. (See EV-CPAN Review service --> Options --> Sentinel).

Provide easy, permission based access to your content for Expoverse to use in connection with promoting and marketing you, your skills, or your works.


The EV Media Cloud is a stand-alone service and application to retrieve and manage content posted at third party sites by a user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site.

You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation, those relating to the Internet, data, e-mail, privacy, and the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside.

Expoverse is granted access to use the materials and services contained on the registered site(s) in order to perform electronic property management by retrieving and posting; i.e. customized push and distribution to the Expoverse website, as well as ancillary production services such as digital image processing and re-touching.

You must own the rights that you grant to Expoverse and give Expoverse and its End Users permission to use the Content in the various ways permitted in the official Expoverse Terms of Service.

Granted Resources

Granted (or "allotted") resources means collectively and specifically any third party locations where your media content is located that has been made known and accessible to Expoverse's staff.

The process for adding and removing items is easy. Simply contact your EV-Handler for assistance, or, complete the short 'Resource Registration Form' yourself by accessing the EV Media Cloud Manager from your Expoverse Account, filling in any required info and submitting it.

Our staff will verify the info and then register your request and send you a confirmation email. Requests usually take no more than 2-3 days to process.


As between you and Expoverse, you own the Content retrieved by the Service. When Expoverse pushes/posts/reposts a video, photo, literature, music or other Content to the Expoverse website via the Service, you grant Expoverse and its affiliates a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license and right to copy, transmit, distribute, publicly perform and display (through all media now known or hereafter created), and make derivative works from your Content for the purposes of: (1) displaying the Content within the Site/Service; (2) promoting you and/or the Site/Service; and/or (3) archiving or preserving the Content for disputes, legal proceedings, or investigations.


To use any work commercially in any way, a license must be obtained in writing.


Your media may be used in connection with award shows & events, broadcast television, corporate meetings, event marketing & production, product launches, show tours, training programs, marketing communications, special event planning, & related multi-media.

Multimedia (or "content") obtained by Expoverse via your EV Media Cloud resources is used "exclusively" in connection with "your" promotion and marketing on Expoverse.com. It is never used in connection with any commercial production or materials unrelated to you, unless (expressed) written permission is obtained from you first.

*The EV Media Cloud service is free for all CPAN Members and can be managed from your Expoverse Account.

Expoverse sponsors and conducts various types of real and virtual "live" events.


From swimsuit contests, nightclub events, corporate parties to music concerts, Expoverse delivers memorable experiences to the guests and attendees of public and private engagements.

Expoverse maintains strong relationships with Talents, Artists, Acts; their managers and agents; also venues and booking agents. This enables Expoverse to be an innovative force for both real and virtual "live" events.

We help find and arrange appropriate talent attachments for small and large events, partys, and projects. Our target buyers include event and party planners, corporate executives, event producers, production companies, event management agencies and others.

How it Works

Expoverse develops and maintains a comprehensive Open Talent Directory (or "EV-OTD") listing all the talents and speakers featured on our website that make also themselves available for shows, speaking engagements and personal appearances.

Individuals, companies and their representatives can register with Expoverse.com to access the EV-OTD for free; allowing them to easily (1)browse the listings, (2)locate Talents, (3)review their profile/media, and (4)contact them for booking inquiries.

Expoverse books Talents that range considerably in price. Some bookings require a non-refundable, pre-appearance/pre-show financial commitment and are not based on contingent ticket sales.

Price Quotes/Inquiries

Whenever an inquiry is submitted, Expoverse responds by acknowledging the request and providing an "estimated" rate for the booking; based on the rates they suggested during the Expoverse Membership Registration.

Pricing is normally based on the following: date, location, the current popularity of the Talent, the type of engagement and also the interest level of the Talent being hired to appear or perform. The more information that Buyers provide, the more accurate the "estimate" will be.

Expoverse utilizes staff time and sometimes money to pursue Talents and determine if they are interested and available for a booking. The service fee withheld from successful transactions — before distributing the payments to Talents — ranges from 5% and 15% of the total funds paid to the Talent by the buyer; depending on the complexity and intensity of our involvement.1


Individuals featured in the EV-OTD have the added option of including contact information in their listing; facilitating direct communications from potential buyers.2

Expoverse can still function as a liaison between the parties at a later time if it becomes necessary or desired.


Expoverse liaises with clients and customers to whatever level they wish, helping to tailor a situation to suit the needs of interested buyers and Talents desiring to engage eachother in connection with bookings and live events.

Additionally, Expoverse is not a talent "agency" and therefore does not "officially" represent the talents featured in the EV-OTD, and is not empowered or authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of them.


Ordering, Pricing & Fees

1 Service fees ranges from 5% and 15% of the total funds paid to the Talent by the buyer; depending on the complexity and intensity of our involvement.

2 No fees are charged for transactions that take place off of Expoverse.com (via direct communications between the buyer and the Talent) — meaning neither our liaison role or payment platform are utilized in the transaction.

Promotion & marketing are key elements of today’s fast-paced commercial entertainment industry.


The Web is here to stay, and it's the future, already affecting virtually every industry. Careers in entertainment often start with dreams, but their success starts with an identity.

The key to "Online success" is finding ways to effectively engage people who visit your Web content and locations; motivating them to follow you and purchase products or services. This starts with helping them get to know you, even without (you) knowing who "they" are.

How it Works

Expoverse operates with a genuine focus and good understanding of the goals, passions, and skills of our CPAN members; to help them maximize their potential.

We provide candid footage of talents and creative pros in action, offering the world inside access to the creative people and processes behind many artistic works and projects.

Expoverse.com (via EV Expos') acts as a memoir of sorts; both chronicling the journey of many talents thus far and plotting what paths might lead them in the future.


Expoverse individually and collectively promotes our creative arts community members via the Internet to tastemakers, reviewers, supervisors and exec's of the music, television/radio and film; also to major labels, studios, ad agencies, broadcast producers, casting directors; worldwide.

Ordering, Pricing & Fees

Talent Promotion services are included/free for all CPAN Members.

Expoverse's powerful, immersive storytelling, centered around in-depth life history; slices of the lives of creative and talented people.


Every life has moments of grace and inspiration. An EV Bio Story is the tale of a creative or performing Talents interaction with his/her life and craft; intertwined. It’s often easy to overlook the way in which a Talent's story fits together when the primary way of writing a at a Bio is a briefly stated, bit here and a bit there works of litertature.

An, EV Bio Story differs significantly from a normal Bio; which is basically an inventory of your background, accomplishments, goals, and objectives as a professional; written primarily for creative and broadcasting professionals; like A&R reps, media contacts, booking agents, promoters, and management contacts for example.

The story of a talents artistic journey is one that occurs over time, in many places, and through many events. It includes mentions of the people surrounding their lives, of the strangers that unknowingly inspired them, and also those intimate to them who have been most influential in their lives, careers or crafts. It is written mainly for fans and the general public.

How it Works

An EV Bio Story represents an interactive glimpse into your personality; helping the Public at large imagine the whole of that life, and also to give other professionals a sense of what you might be like to hang out or work with.

They are non-fiction, literary works that highlight ordinary experiences that often contain extraordinary moments, visionary ideas, inspirational people, and examples of success and failure that reveal progress.

Expoverse requires that you complete the EV CPAN Existential/Experiential Info Form (the "EEIF"), and then additionally communicate with Expoverse staff during the production phase in order to review the overall progress and provide an addendum (an addition of information, images, video, etc.) wherever the literature produced may require or benefit.


In this section of the EV Bio Story, Expoverse pieces together the life being presented in chronoligical order. People, places, portraits, sketches, tributes, memories, remembrances; the pieces of a talents life that enriched their artistic or professional experience.

The periods covered are organized; broken down into birth-8 (childhood), 9-12 (per-adolescence), 13-19 (adolescence), and 20+ (adult).

Quick Info

In the fast-paced world of commercial entertainment where creatives often only have limited time (often only a few minutes) to view your site, having quick information available can play a significant role. Creatives will often seek out a bio to help them make quick judgements about your personality or professional persona.

Quick "introductory" info is provided together with an EV Expo, clearly defining the essential information about you and your particular craft and involvement in entertainment/show-business.

Ordering, Pricing & Fees

The EV Bio Story service is free for all CPAN Members and can be accessed from your Expoverse Account.


Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and publicity.


Customized, expandable Individual Public Exhibitions (or "EV Expo") which companies and individuals can use to showcase and demonstrate virtually any kind of product, service, project or digital media.

it is also a uniform stage for displaying any talent or skill such as photography, painting work, sculptured pieces, dance performances, professional videos or any others.

Think of them as a symmetrical range of buildings where the Expo is the main central block — the corps de logis — with the wings ending in Pavilions (extensions), and often contain strategically placed EV Kiosks (Interactive ads and third party owned or operated Apps).


Every EV Expo includes a prefabricated structure based on the Expoverse SHELL (or "Sophisticated Hyper-text Extended Language Layout") project, requiring only the filling in of a Members basic information and content; which can be performed either by Expoverse or by the Member from their Expoverse Account.


All EV Expos have the capability of 'adding/editing' them with information, images, colors and other basic design changes.


Expoverse offers the following types of Expos:

1 Universal

Small in scale, and cheaper to run because the architectural design fees are lower; with only moderate Expoverse server space and functionality requirements. and content from the host committee or Member, with Expoverse's prefabricated structure already completed. Owners have the basic options of 'adding' their own images, colors, and basic design changes as available from their Expoverse Account.

2 Specialized

Medium in scale; a bit more challenging to setup with custom design features outside of the prefabricated structure.

One example of this would be a company choosing to add a customized headers or background images to symbolize their name or brand.

3 Industrial

Large in scale; requires a more demanding setup process and/or various possible types levels of ongoing maintenance.

Industrial EV Expos normally require significant customization beyond the prefabricated ones; costs for Expoverse include increased server space and bandwidth, design and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications and networking; sometimes travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and items to give to attendees/visitors.

Additional costs may be incurred for special add-on services like drayage (also known as material handling; only if physical items are involved).


As a Member of our EV-CPAN community, you will be showcased at our global trade-fair expo; where we customize interactive EV-Pavilions equipped and ready to meet your immediate and future goals through scalability, and the ability to be customized to suit your needs to the extent of a free-standing website.

How it works

Any EV Expo can be added upon with customized "Pavilions"; which act as free-standing structures located only a click away from the main residence. Large or small, their design makes them objects of pleasure and usually in connection with relaxation and pleasure with their intended use.

Think of them as a symmetrical range of buildings where the Expo is the main central block — the corps de logis — with the wings ending in EV Pavilions.


An EV-Kiosk is a small, separated EV-Pavilion, open to either the Public or a reserved audience; a type of small centre to sell something or to facilitate the public at one point. Some vendors choose to perform various operations from EV-Kiosks, which are configured into our platform and placed alongside the "Main Residence" area of an EV Expo .

How it works

The touch-screens, trackballs, keyboards, pushbuttons and motion sensors of all types of "e" and "i" devices are used as virtual input devices for EV-Kiosks.


Expoverse offers the following types of EV Kiosks:

Information Kiosk (or information booth)

Dispenses free (digital) information in the form of maps, images, and other visual media, and/or advice offered by a real or virtual attendant.

Electronic Kiosk (or computer Kiosk or interactive Kiosk)

Houses computer software that deploys a custom function to prevent the need for users to access any third party website as part of the experience (or system functions).

Retail Kiosk

Carries the same features as Electronic or Information Kiosks; but also serves a commercial purpose, allowing vendors to sell products and services directly from our website.


Released in a limited quantity, or with no further releases using the same design treatment.

Boundless and borderless, Expoverse tradeshow events are high impact & low cost alternatives that reach anyone, anywhere, on any device.


EV Tradeshows are virtual, public or private events held in a "cloud" environment; they take place "live" on the Web for a pre-determined, limited period of time.

They are designed as digital equivalents of traditional tradeshows or exhibitions; the difference being exhibitors and visitors attend the event and interact with eachother via the Internet, making their multiple geographic locations a non-limiting, possibly beneficial factor.

Since EV Tradeshows can be accessed from anywhere Online — both exhibitors and visitors, may be present within the environment via an "Avatar" representation — so the cost of travel, lodging, physical construction of displays, and many other related expenses are either extremely reduced or eliminated.

How it Works

Expoverse hosts multiple types of international tradeshows; including business match-makers, procurement fairs, product launches, virtual job fairs, virtual benefits fairs, Online employee networks, distributor fairs, and venture capital fairs.

Expoverse develops, plans, prepares and then divulges and markets the events to potential participants (visitors and exhibitors) via our website, apps, social media pages/profiles/accounts and other Web communication portals — to attract attention and to sell tickets and booths to customers and clients; sold exclusively through the Expoverse Online Store.

Expoverse Affiliate-Partners can also take advantage and help spread the word to make an event a success while also directly benefiting from ticket, booth, and merchandise sales generated as a result of their advertising efforts; important for helping an events viral promotion.


While most Expoverse Tradeshow events are Online, they may also be run in conjunction with real-world or in-person Tradeshows as "hybrid events".


Typical virtual structural options include:

Visitor facilities

These are locations where EV Tradeshow visitors register with Expoverse.com to gain access to the virtual exhibit hall of the event to view the featured virtual booths.

A virtual booth feature multiple icons that trigger different responses, such as communicating with exhibitors via an instant message, email or video/voice call — also to deliver or share any multimedia such as links, videos, audio messages, etc..

Exhibitor facilities

Virtual stands and booths for distributing information and multimedia to other exhibitors and also to attendees of the event. Virtual exhibits may be customized in almost unlimited ways, even designed to look similar to any real-world booth.

Expoverse can help achieve the desired visual theme (Also see the following service: Digital Production --> Web & Graphic Design). Visitors view these virtual tradeshow displays in the exhibition hall.

Interactive facilities

Virtual tradeshows can have interactive rich media applications implemented; such as a video conferencing, a web seminar ('webinar'), or other educational components; providing interaction between users on several levels (one-to-one, one-to-few, one-to-many and many-to-many).

EV Tradeshow service is offered via a (1)reservation, (2)first-come first-served basis, or (3)lottery selection process.


The EV Creative Cloud: Dedicated to the restless daydreamers with their head always in the clouds. Small ideas and passing thoughts can become BIG and REVELUTIONARY real world applications.

Expoverse pays tribute and shares (via the Web), some of the most worlds most creative innovations and ideas. A toast to all the artistic and imaginative thinkers out there.


Expoverse currently is in the developement stage of providing our EV-CPAN members a way to add media to their Expoverse media cloud by simply placing it inside popular online cloud storage services such as, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Storage.

It's called the EV Cloud Link, and we are excited to announce that this effort will soon become reality. Stay tuned to our EV Email Updates to find out when this service is 100% up-and-running, and for information on how to activate and configure the service in your Expoverse Account.