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EV™ Company & Brand Info/FAQ | Expoverse
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Company & Brand - Info/FAQ
Expoverse Logo


Company &
Brand Info



We're Expoverse from Denver, the "Mile-High City" of "Colorful" Colorado, USA... a proud bootstrapped & organically grown startup.




Expoverse is a portmanteau word for "Exposition Universe".

We integrate Visual, Aural and Conceptual works/art into places, events & products experienced by others.


Let's separate "Expoverse" into constituent its elements...

Step 1: A Comparative Analysis



Our notes are in green




1. A large public exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities
[we curate showplaces/ marketplaces for entertainment, fashion & digital products]

2. A comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.
[we provide educational articles, tutorials, presentations and info kiosks]

3. The part of a book that sets the stage for the drama to follow: it introduces the theme, setting, characters, and circumstances at the story’s beginnings.
[we showcase the careers & projects of talented creatives and artists; chronicle their journeys thus far and beyond]

4. The initial presentation of the thematic material of a musical composition, movement, or section. The use of the term generally implies that the material will be developed or varied.
[we initiate musical collaborations for both promotional and commercial use]


1. The broadest definition of universe is that it is simply everything; a narrower definition is that the universe is limited to what can be observed.
[we work on multisensory integration; merge the real and virtual experiences]

a. The earth together with all its inhabitants and created things.
[our inspirations for an ecosystem theme & diverse digital habitats]
b. The human race.

[our (target) audience is people of all ages, races and regions]

2. A particular sphere of activity, interest, or experience.
[we develop a strong creative & performing arts community and business collective]

3. All matter and energy, including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.
[reality vs. idea; we build bridges between creativity & real-world manifestation]

4. The sphere or realm in which something exists or takes place.
[we design a platform for a website and apps to be deployed & broadcasted globally]

Step 2: A Creative Calculation


Step 3: A Concrete Result



[a portmanteau word for "Exposition Universe"]


1. A modern, innovative entertainment & promotions company with an exclusive creative and performing arts community and business collective.

2. A platform for showcasing & marketing almost any creative/performing skill; also to participate in both promotional & commercial collaborations.

3. A new imprint in the entertainment industry and in the realms of the creative and performing arts (new media art, film, fashion, television, radio, music and others).

4. A website and mobile apps offering free entertainment and discounted shopping; also services and tools that support professional and aspiring artists and creatives.


We aim to intuitively acquaint others with arts, creative processes, creators and performers; also the IP rights concerning creative & artistic works.

"Our mission is to create, exhibit and market in ways that embrace, cultivate & shape the evolving entertainment industry and its future."

Our FAST 5 methodology:

1 Blending new media and artistic disciplines.

2 Developing exceptional products & services relevant to current (and developing) trends, markets and technologies.

3 Expanding brand presence and increasing reputation.

4 Enhancing industry knowledge and technical expertise.

5 Utilizing the Internet to encompass and capitalize on evolving industry needs and commercial opportunities.



Expoverse deals in retail, entertainment,
events & promotions; globally

We specialize in:


We Are Pioneers in the Digital Frontier.


At Expoverse we focus on quality & longevity over our size or annual revenue growth. We constantly improve our capabilities & performance, steadily upgrade our platform, and refine our ecosystem's evolving architecture.

So Far, We Consist of:

Expoverse Store™

Expoverse Publishing™

Expoverse Live™


Expoverse Pictures™

Expoverse Media™

Expoverse Music™



Together they embody Expoverse's operations, brand presence and customer reach; operating in merchandise, publishing, live events, motion picture (film), digital media production, music (song/album releasing), talent/A&R, and media licensing.

It's a Affair.


We're artists & creatives first and foremost; inspired by our passions for visual & performing arts, technology and creativity.

Expoverse represents individuals from all walks of life; with different beliefs, backgrounds and religions; all motivated by at least one similar interest; making works of art.

Visitors, Gamers & Shoppers Worldwide

Expoverse.com offers an alluring digital landscape of showplaces and marketplaces for the entertainment and fashion industry.

Browse editorials, galleries, biographies, exhibitions, interviews, showcases and more. Enjoy a variety of quality and unique content and downloads.

Get music, photos, graphic artwork and other media to use in Online videos, school projects and other creative endeavors.

Artists, Creatives & Their Companies

Expoverse.com offers talents (writers, photographers, etc.); performing artists (actors, models, musicians, etc.); and their related companies (studios, production companies, etc.); services to promote, publish, distribute, market and license their works and skills.

If you own all the rights to any quality audio, video, photos, 3D animations or other creative projects or media, we invite you to team up with us to your market and sell it online in at our store. Earn up to 90% per sale on items sold to our customers.

Businesses, Brands & Beyond

Expoverse offers traditional advertising, sponsoring and custom branding opportunities; plus professional services for promoting almost any type of artistic skill (music, art, dance, etc.).

As Online browsers and shoppers spend time on Expoverse.com engaging the free entertainment, it becomes difficult for them to avoid our "in-app" advertising and promotional deal/offer campaigns.

This can benefit our product providers and advertisers, who not only can ensure their campaigns are seen, but that they can also be easily acted upon, especially if the advertised product is available in the Expoverse Store.


Expoverse is a new imprint in the realms of new media art, film, television, radio, video and the performing arts. We're a brand introducing something different to entertainment by blending new media art, various artistic disciplines and different artistic media to create quality and unique content and products.

and services relevant to current and developing trends, new and upcoming technologies, and the existing and emerging markets.

Our online services are ideal for people and brands using the Internet to promote or distribute creative or artistic works; interested in having their selves, careers and works/projects documented, marketed and showcased on our platform; also that desire to join a terrific (exclusive) creative community and business network.

Expoverse provides artistic performers, creative talents and their companies with publishing, distribution, promotion, PR and other services; meeting the needs of both professionals and aspiring talents of any type of artistic skill or creative work (e.g., photography, video editing, art, dance and others).

Keeping up with the entertainment industry's constantly evolving needs and opportunities, Expoverse provides a valuable promotional channel and a uniform stage for performers and creative talents to increase their visibility and fan base while diversifying sales, projects, personal connections and beyond.

As a marketing channel, Expoverse serves as a "path" or "pipeline" through which media, goods and services flow in one direction (from Vendor to the Consumer), and the payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction (from Consumer to the Vendor); the same can be said between a Talent (actors, models, voice-over artists, etc.) and a Buyer (a casting director, advertising agency, production company, photographer, or direct client with an "in-house" production staff).

Expoverse's roles, as a (long or short term) marketing channel in marketing strategies may include:

  • Linking talents to buyers
  • Linking consumers to vendors
  • Linking talents and media to audience/fans/users
  • Performing sales, advertising and promotion
  • Influencing a pricing strategy
  • Affecting product strategy through branding, policies, willingness to stock
  • Adding additional revue streams for clients by customizing and diversifying their profits, projects and portfolios
  • Our inner-circle (core) is a small group of extremely close friends and family who operate the company and its global Online expo; regulating how the business is run and improving services for customers and clients as well as suppliers and vendors.

    We work alongside an "exclusive" international network of performers, creative artists and entertainment business individuals (often friends or friends of friends) from all walks of life and with different beliefs, backgrounds and religions; motivated by at least one similar interest... GREAT ENTERTAINMENT.

    We create educational materials about various aspects of different types of entertainment. Mainly though, we acquaint people with arts, creative processes, creators and performers; also the IP rights concerning creative & artistic works.

    Expoverse distributes information kiosks with research findings on trends and changes in the industry and law or legislation regarding entertainment (such as Intellectual Property and Copyright Law).

    We give widespread access to desirable environments with opportunities to meet professionally, share, learn and collaborate internationally.

    Expoverse Entertainment Group LLC's headquarters are in the "Mile High City" of Denver, in "Colorful" Colorado, U.S.A., which houses all of our divisions, from creative to licensing to administration.

    We are also in the process of establishing a Latin American regional office in "The Marvelous City" of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

    Unfortunately, many companies develop websites and business models designed, for the most part, purely to turn a profit. Many are capitalizing on a willingness of people to invest money in pursuit of their ambition; "regardless" of the individuals skill level, experience, or any other credibility factors.

    The goal of EV-CPAN is to equip and assist visual & performing artists whom exemplify talent, skill and professionalism — to become successful, collaborative partners who are ready and willing to be leaders and citizens of the 21st century entertainment industry.

    Professional equality is a type of horizontal collectivism we practice at Expoverse. Our business functions more like a partnership of individual professionals; recognizing them as equals and rewarding them for their contribution and expertise.

    Expoverse aims at reducing costs for clients and customers while maintaining healthy rewards for employees and members.

    Expoverse accomplishes goals with innovative (out-of-the-box) thinking. We cut corners by utilizing and mobilizing members of EV-CPAN, business and in-house production elements; eliminating many operational costs that developing creative projects or products incur for production phases, distribution, marketing (and advertising) and others.

    Unlike many companies with popular websites offering (digital delivery) distribution services, Expoverse is not limited to music, video or any other medium. We also utilize a selective process when affiliating members and business partners; resulting in a high-quality network who actually have personal relationships and contact with the Expoverse staff.

    All EV-CPAN members have a dedicated "handler"; a registered agent-of-sort who also scouts and recruits the talented creative & performing arts individuals (and their companies) that Expoverse works with; or desires to work with. They maintain regular contact with their assigned member and coordinate activities with them in relation to Expoverse; helping them take advantage of opportunities that become available within our company and through our partners, clients, customers and affiliates.

    In short, both Expoverse’s services & staff (creative and business) provide a level of service and attention unparalleled in the industry.

    A major factor that makes Expoverse different is client and customer service. We strive to combine the digital and physical experience in meaningful ways — ensuring that individuals and representatives at companies are not treated mechanically as mere links, user ids, or account numbers — during communications and while conducting business with us.

    Expoverse works with large or small, well or little known clients; resulting in a spectrum of professional & amateur individuals, also both established & starter-up companies. We consider them all equally important assets to us, and assign a dedicated client coordination & relationship manager (called "Handlers") to each of them to ensure satisfaction with our services and also to guarantee their needs are being evaluated and met in an ongoing fashion.

    Expoverse Handlers are officially registered points of contact with the company, technically trained as well as having excellent communication skills; they make themselves available to a schedule that suits your way of working and will ensure that your communications, relationship, and business experience with Expoverse are positive, beneficial, and without any problems.

    Expoverse does not charge for services (in most cases). A registration fee is required when you sign up for an Expoverse CPAN Membership. In some cases the fee may be (1) waived, (2) collected at a future date, or (3) recovered under specified negotiated terms.

    Providers are the only parties receiving a direct financial benefit from their creation; unless the works are part of a colloboration project that also includes Expoverse copyrighted content. Expoverse's only direct financial benefit from the sale of 3rd party Providers' content comes from operating this Site, which allows such Providers to display and market their work and skills to potential consumers, License purchasers and employers. Expoverse retains a small administrative service fee from sales transactions that amount to a modest:

    (a) 10% fee withheld from the sale of products (wholly) owned by you that are direct-to-market ready

    (b) 20-50% fee withheld from the sale of products (wholly) owned by you that require significant production or post-production processing to be performed by Expoverse before they become market ready

    (c) 10% fee withheld from royalties that are collected through our sync licensing service

    (d) "split" amount negotiated by us and you (by way of contract) when the product sale is: (1) a collaboration created from both our owned materials (2) a media-to-product conversion produced by us from only your owned material (3) a remix derivative work created by us by using your owned material

    (e) the amount defined in a royalty/split agreement. Our Expomart service's ExpoSmart agreement would be a good example of this.

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